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Ibérico Recebo Shoulder Ham Dehesa Ravida

Shoulder hams are rich and extraordinarily flavoursome despite the smaller size. The usual gorgeous notes of nuttiness and sweet undertones are all there with a different shade of savouriness.

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Recebo ham comes from free-roaming Iberian pigs that feed on the naturally-occurring acorns in the oak fields of Salamanca, and get complement of grain at the end of the acorn season.


Shoulder ham, paleta in Spanish, has a slightly more pungent taste than its larger brother but maintains the incomparable melt-in-mouth texture and sweet undertones. A fantastic entry point to the enjoyment of ibérico ham

This gorgeous leg is a minimum of 5.5kg. Our whole hams are kept in natural maturation conditions at Ravida’s cellar in Spain so that they get to you at their best. That is why the order will take up to 14 days to deliver.


If you do not have one already we recommend getting a ham holder set with your ham. It includes a carving knife and a user-friendly DVD to get you started in the fine art of ham-cutting.

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