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About us

About Jamon CompanyAt Jamón Company we are passionate about food. Not just Spanish ham. And boy, do we love the stuff.

We were born out of the desire to share that passion. ‘I unwittingly offered a few work colleagues to bring some jamón back from my native town in Salamanca’. Not too long after Pablo was packing several kilos of ham into his luggage every time he flew back home and started having to reject further requests. It was time to go pro.

The aim of Jamón Company is to make all of our customers in the UK participant in that enjoyment, giving them access to the best of Spanish gourmet products. That is why we’ve handpicked the best artisan producers in Spain to bring you glorious melt-in-mouth ham together with a few other carefully selected products directly to your door.

And all for no more than it should cost

It’s all not so hard after spending much of our childhood hearing lengthy conversations at the dinner table arguing who the best chorizo producer in the region was. Or taking a 50 mile detour to buy cheese on a holiday trip.

We hope the effort is worth the while and you enjoy our products as much as we do. It’s not just a business, it’s a way of life.

Spanish ham the way it should be

In Spain ham is typically enjoyed with friends as a treat to mark special occasions. Locals meet at their local tavern in Madrid at the end of a hard working week and treat themselves to a platter of jamón. A nice glass of wine and all worries melt away in the glorious deep nutty flavours of the ham. It doesn’t take long to bring a smile to all faces.

All of our ham comes from Salamanca, one Spain’s most renowned ham-producing regions. We only sell ham of the high quality ‘ibérico’ variety, meaning it comes from Iberian pigs. Iberian pigs are a native race from the Spanish peninsula that produces the particularly flavoursome meat that makes our hams so special.

Depending on the way the pigs are fed you have three types of ham in ascending order of quality:

  • Cebo: made from free-roaming Iberian pigs that are fed on grain.
  • Recebo: made from free-roaming Iberian pigs that are fed on the naturally-ocurring acorns found in the oak forests of Salamanca, and get a grain complement to their diet at the end of the acorn season.
  • Bellota: the top-of-the-range of ibérico ham. Made from free-roaming Iberian pigs that feed only on the naturally-ocurring acorns in the in the oak forests of Salamanca during the acorn season. We work with small producers that can take that extra care so that each ham is of outstanding quality. Most of them had never sold their products outside Spain before working with Jamón Company, let alone to the UK.

Which means what you are tasting is something truly special.

The rest of our products come from areas surrounding Salamanca making them a match made in heaven for our ham.

Our founders

Blanca and Pablo have known each other since childhood and always shared a keen passion for all things food.

Pablo Arrojo - Jamon Company founder
Pablo Arrojo-Garcia (35)

is a keen foodie and adoptive Londoner with roots in Salamanca. Pablo worked developing business propositions in the telecoms sector across the width and length of Europe before becoming an entrepreneur in the food sector.

'Getting ham over to England is really not so different from transmitting a data packet across the internet. And the results are certainly much more enjoyable!'

Blanca de Elías - Jamon Company founder
Blanca de Elias (31)

also has roots in Salamanca despite having lived in several cities across the country. This keen paddle-tennis player spent stretches in Madrid, Barcelona and Oxford before returning to Spain to start her own Digital Marketing Agency.

'One of my fondest childhood memories is devouring meat platters under the massive holm oak at the family house in the Salamanca countryside. Hope we can bring that enjoyment across to the UK!'