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How do I shop online

The process is really very simple:

1. Click login/new account at our home page to register as a user
2. Add products to your basket by browsing through categories and clicking on 'Add to basket' on the product page
3. Follow signposted steps to complete checkout
4. Review and confirm your order by ticking the relevant box on the payment page
5. Choose your payment method and complete payment completing information and clicking on 'Pay now'

How do I choose the right type of ham for me

If you are new to ham we recommend you start with a sliced ham pack. If you would like the home-cut experience consider an off-the-bone portion, and if you want to go for the full works you can buy one of our whole legs of ham. Don't forget the holder though as it can be tricky to carve a ham without it. Ours comes with a user-friendly DVD that will help you master the fine art of ham cutting in no time at all.

In terms of type the key choices are ham or shoulder ham, and recebo or bellota. There is more in our about us page but we've put together a simple table to make it easy for you to choose.

 More pungent flavourBalanced & rounded
Sweet undertonesRecebo shoulderRecebo ham
Intense & nuttyBellota shoulderBellota ham

Our recommendation:
- if you are new to ham start with a sliced pack of recebo shoulder
- if you are an experienced gourmet try our more complex bellota ham in any size

How much will I eat

Generally speaking more than you plan to! Jamón ibérico is quite addictive stuff.

In you are looking to plan a party or entertain, 100g will be enough for 2 people if served as a starter, or one 100g pack per head if served as a main. You can get approximately 4kg of lean meat out of a whole leg of ham, and 2.5 from a shoulder ham as they tend to be smaller in size

And how on earth do you pronounce jamón?

It's something like ham-on. Not so hard. Go ahead and teach your friends when you tell them about us! You can try to make a strong 'j', but it tends to sound somehow comical to the native ear. So we encourage the softer, slightly more accessible method above.

How long can I keep it

Generally speaking slice ham has an average shelf life of about 3 months, so you can stock up if you want to! The rest of our range tends to have long shelf life as well, product information pages have more up-to-date information on the specific best before date for all of our products.

Do I need to keep it in the fridge

Sliced and off-the-bone packs need to be kept in the fridge. Whole hams don't. You just need to eat them within 6 weeks after starting to carve. Unopened they can last a good 8 weeks in a dark, fresh spot of the house. Labelling in all of our products has indications on preservation conditions.

Very important: and we'll keep banging on about it, sorry. Do take sliced packs out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before consumption and allow to reach room temperature. It makes a huge difference to your experience! For best results, please also open the pack in advance and allow the ham to 'breathe'.

How can I pay for products?

You can pay with most major credit cards, Paypal or bank transfer. But please bear in mind that bank transfer orders will take longer to process and this will add to the delivery times.

I want my ham now!

We know, everybody does. And it doesn't take long. For information on shipping and delivery times see our delivery information page.

Can I return a product if I don't like it

You can only return products which are non-perishable unless they are defective. But we really doubt you will want to. For more information on returns see our terms and conditions.

How do I contact you if something goes wrong

Best way to contact us is email on customers@jamoncompany.co.uk or trade@jamoncompany.co.uk if you are a trade customer. We typically reply the same day, or the morning after if you write to us in the evening. And we pride in customer satisfaction, so rest reassured that we will do everything in our hands to put things right.

For alternative methods of contact see our contact us page.

… and if everything is fantastic

We love those too! You can also email us on customers@jamoncompany.co.uk, or trade@jamoncompany.co.uk if you are a trade customer. If you would like to leave a comment on our products you can do so in the relevant product page. Please do so as it will help other customers with their choices and we welcome all feedback!